Our magazine set off on its journey in March 2010 and we decided to call ourselves IThamil. In English it somewhat translates to a person who becomes the embodiment of the way of life of the Tamils and in Thamizh its meaning becomes a tribute to Aiyan Valluvar!

Thamil Emag is a Tamil magazine published from the UK. It aims at providing Tamilians across the world specially the Tamil Diaspora a window to the world within and without. Our aim is to provide a space for Tamil writers and people interested in all issues Tamil a forum to air their views and contribute their thoughts. With a mission to Provide an open platform for all Tamils living outside of their homeland especially the UK. we have been on this publishing journey diligently for the past 6 years now and strive our best to produce content that caters to all ages and tastes of the Tamil community living anywhere.

We hope to reach out specially to the young disapora to inculcate in them a love of the wonderful language Tamil. Many young people who live in the UK. USA Europe Canada and other parts of the world, do not get an oppurtunity to read classy magazines that could help them develop and improve on their language skills. and IThamil steps in to bridge that gap. We want people to rediscover old tamil classics and also at the same time keep them up to date with in depth analysis of the current events.And over and above all this we want the Tamils to experience understand and be proud that I am tamil and Tamil is me. And in this endeavour we will continue to reach out every month to every one through our IThamil magazine. We are delighted with the surveys that tell us that many young people are reading the magazine.

Join our team and lets take the concerns for Tamil and Tamilians one more step forward. Send us your thoughts, your contributions, your essays, your stories, your novels or if your are a jokey sort send us your humour too! We are open to giving everyone a chance to get your work in print! if you have suggestions for improvement send us your thoughts and email us editor@ithamil.com.

We are on facebook and reach our page here.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ithamil-Magazine , www.ithamil.com is our website. Go there and make a date every month to download our emag as a pdf and read.We would like to thank you very sincerely for your gracious warm support and will continue to look to you to guide as we grow along together with Tamil as our epicentre of our existence.